Master Git in 7 Minutes

#beginners , #git , #tutorial , #webdev

Essentially, Git keeps tabs on text changes, but the definition is a version control system. Chances are you’ve already used git one way or another: it is a de-facto standard for code versioning due to it’s distributed nature, as opposed to centralised Apache Subversion (SVN).

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Master Binary in Five Minutes

#webdev , #javascript , #beginners , #tutorial

Binary is the very core of everything digital, not only in web development, but literally everything: from variables and file data to transport protocols and executables themselves.

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Five Pro Tips to Master Promises in Js

#javascript , #node , #tutorial , #beginners

Events handling and promises in particular are hands down the best JavaScript feature. You’re probably familiar with the concept itself, but in short, a Promise in JavaScript is a promise to call back with the result.

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